Japan Textile Federation


Japan Textile Federation

Japan Textile Federation (JTF) was established in 1970 in the wake of the need for the Japanese textile industry as a whole to respond to the growing demand from the United States that requires the control of the imported wool, chemical fiber, and synthetic fiber products, in addition to cotton products.

With taking ¡°creation and reliability¡± as its basic guideline, JTF have conducted various activities in recent years with focus on trade issues, environmental and safety issues, and information transmission projects including collection of diverse information, making a request to the government on policy making, exchanges with overseas textile industry organizations, and others.

Japan's textile industry is on the verge of gaining an opportunity to increase the stream of commerce for the global markets including rapidly growing Asian markets in pursuits of free trade along with the progress of negotiations for wide-area economic partnerships such as the FTA between Japan, China and South Korea, RCEP and others, in addition to conclusion of the Japan-EU EPA and TPP 11 for putting such trade agreements into effect as early as possible.

Following those mentioned above, our Action Policy for Fiscal 2018 incorporates the seven subjects as shown below:

1. Active Approaches to Cope with Trade Issues and Trade Expansion

2. Measures to Deal with Product Safety Issues and Environmental Problems

3. Strengthening of Information Transmission Capability and Brand Power

4. Promotion of Structural Reform in the Textile Industry

5. Creation of New Added Values through Promotion of Connected Industries

6. Securing and Nurturing Human Resources

7. Response to Taxation issues

The respective members of JTF will enhance their ¡°aggressive¡± activities to make a new leap forward, in addition to creation of an environment for putting the efforts into enhancement of their competitiveness in overseas markets and strengthening their own ¡°defense,¡± while improving their corporate health in accordance with the concept of ¡°creation and reliability.¡±