Japan Textile Federation

President's Message


Masanao Kambara
President, Japan Textile Federation

I am Masanao Kambara serving as the President of Japan Textile Federation.

I believe that now is the time for the Japanese textile industry to disseminate the products that can demonstrate our technical strength and design capability to the markets and to push forward the creation of new values.

For that purpose, we at Japan Textile Federation will make tremendous efforts under the following policies.

The first one is a trade issue.?We will continue to press the government to conclude the Japan-EU EPA and TPP 11 for putting such trade agreements into effect as early as possible, and to strive to finalize the negotiations for wide-area economic partnerships including the FTA between Japan, China and South Korea, RCEP and others that contain favorable provisions for further development of textile industries.

The second is efforts to address environmental and safety issues. Bearing in mind that the awareness of consumers on sustainability including environmental and safety issues becomes higher, we are committed to sharing the information on the movement of alliances of international private companies and working promptly on various issues.

The third is to strengthen information transmission capability and brand power. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, we will cooperate in and proceed with "J QUALITY Product Certification Project" managed by Japan Fashion Industry Council in collaboration with the Cool Japan projects including those related to textile products for penetration among overseas consumers.

Moreover, as new activity, since"the forth industrial revolution" which makes good use of artificial intelligence (AI) and robots has been covered by the media, we will verify the potential of a new business model and the enhancement of competitiveness through creation of new added value as a result of promoting the Connected Industries.

In response to the above policies, we adopted the "Action policy for Fiscal 2018" at the general meeting on January 16 this year. We would appreciate your kind understanding and support to make an accomplishment as a result of full discussion and cooperation with all of you .


Policy for Fiscal 2018 [pdf]