Japan Textile Federation

Outline of the JTF

1£®Establishment and background

The Japan Textile Federation(JTF) was established in January, 1970. In the midst of mounting controls on the import of textile products into the United States around 1968, the decision to establish the Japan Textile Federation was made with the recognition by the textile industry of the necessity to make a consolidated effort to take comprehensive measures towards government, bureaucrats, business and Japanese people.


In collaboration with various organizations in the textile industry, our Federation aims to promote measures towards important issues that the textile industry faces.

1. to request the government and the Diet to take concrete measures

2. to hold meetings on various issues

3. to collect and communicate information and material

4. to exchange with overseas textile-related organizations

5. other necessary items to be addressed

3£®Recent activities

In recent years, with ¡°Creation¡± and Trust as our key policy to promote the development of the domestic textile industry, our Federation has been pursuing activities to strengthen the competitive edge of the textile industry as a total industry, embracing synthetic fiber making, spinning,weaving, knitting, dyeing, apparel, sewing and retailing through upstream,midstream and downstream.

To this end, our Federation has made various proposals regarding measures for revitalizing small to medium-sized companies, for commerce and industrial policy and for export promotion program. These proposals have been made through discussion in the joint meetings between the Ministry of Economy and Industry officials and people in private sectors, and through lobbying to politicians so that our proposals can be translated into concrete policies. Our Federation also has promoted structural reform which includes the productive structure & the reform of the distribution of the textile industry and the promotion of information technology in the textile industry.

In view of globalization, we hold an annual meeting with the Korea Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI) counterpart of JTF and China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC), in order to increase shared information and thoughts, and promote mutual development and cooperation with overseas textile organizations.


26 main textile organizations and 19 branches in the main textile-producing areas, and 50 companies as supporting members.

Mr. Masanao Kambara, appointed in January, 2017. A new president is to be elected at the Annual Assembly which is held in January every year. Reappointment is allowed.

3.Standing Committee
This Committee includes the Chairman and heads, and advisors of eight main textile organizations, to discuss important agendas. It is held three to four times annually.

5. Secretariat

3-1-11 Nihonbashi-honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023
Tel: 81-3-3270-8192¡¡ Fax: 81-3-3270-8194